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The simple game America loves comes to ESPN, as top players from across the country pitch horseshoes in the Professional Horseshoes League’s (PHL) Pacific Division Championships. The head to head, win or go home tournament features thrilling shootouts for a huge cash prize.


Beginning August 5 at 11AM EST, the stage is set for the ultimate horseshoe pitching showdown, where skill and precision will be put to the test. As the tournament unfolds, rising stars from the world of horseshoe pitching will face off in intense battles of strategy and technique, each aiming to claim the prestigious title of Pacific Division Champion.

PHL's mission is to elevate this beloved backyard sport into a global sensation. With a centralized platform for professional competitions, the PHL welcomes players of all levels, fostering camaraderie and excitement. Join the experience and witness the thrill of horseshoe pitching like never before.

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